6800 clam...now with pics
  • i have an older clam that was used very little, however a mouse got in to it and chewed a few holes....nothing a couple pieces of gorilla tape cant handle, but anyway, i want something smaller as its usually just me fishing.....too big to drag around the clam all the time......let me know. I will also sell for 150 obo
  • any pics rooster?
  • im sorry it took me so long to get pics....46 degrees out this morning. hardwater is coming.

    I no longer need a 2 man flip over. $150 or best offer. will be around all weekend. You can text me also at 366-5035. Located 25 minutes west of sf

    If you zoom in on the sides, you can see the mouse holes. Good shack. Lots of room
    clam pic 1.jpg
    1840 x 3264 - 791K
    clam pic 2.jpg
    3264 x 1840 - 955K
    clam pic 3.jpg
    3264 x 1840 - 882K
    clam pic 5.jpg
    3264 x 1840 - 752K
  • Worth the $150, I'll ask around here in the shop. Someone may want one, as long as it's not green ;)
  • Getting cold out.....still 4 sale.

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