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  • How many of you resharpen your auger blades? if so how many times do you resharpen them before getting new ones? and how many holes should they usually drill before they need to get sharpened? I recently purchased an older eskimo auger and just had the blades sharpened and they don't cut worth a lick. just wondering if maybe they are the wrong blades or if I should just buy a new set. Any thoughts?
  • I have an Eskimo and they are the notched blades. Hard to sharpen. I usually just buy new ones every two years. Like $20-25. Sometimes ice will freeze up behind the blades and then they don't cut real well, happened to me first 5 holes on Saturday. Finally enough water on'em to loosen the ice out. Had to chip it out before.
  • Shaver blades are difficult to sharpen . Chipper blades are very easy to sharpen , just be sure to match the original angle .

    I have touched up shaver blades by hand on a diamond file , if just slightly nicked up . But they never cut near as fast as new blades .
  • Chipper blades have notches. Shavers just smooth.
  • Shavers will usually have notches also . Biggest difference is how it cuts , Strikemaster uses shaver blades . They basicly shave a thin layer of ice each rotation , usually used in multiple numbers 2-4 blades per bit . Jiffy uses a chipper bit , chips ice in small chunks as it rotates . Usually just one blade , mounted on a flat ring on end of auger . Most are relatively easy to sharpen with a file or sharpening stone . Jiffy has a STX blade that is very durable and may be difficult to sharpen as it's very hard . But I would think a diamond hone would work to touch it up .
  • I have a chipper blade on my Strikemaster and have had to sharpen it a few times. As Enforcer said, just make sure to keep the angle the same. Also, don't use the file on the bottom side (the side that touches the ice) as that side needs to stay flat.

    Another thing to check is how sharp is the point on the end of the bit. I have had to touch mine up a few times, because if that gets dull, it takes more down pressure on the auger to get the blade in contact with the ice.
  • I need help with this. I received back my Eskimo Shark Turbo Cut blades from the guy in Estelline, and they are really bad. He does not know how to sharpen them correctly. Does anyone know who can do this for me and know that they are good? I called Eskimo and they said they do not sharpen them anymore and recommend just buying them at $34, plus $13 for shipping. At that rate, I'll just get a new auger next year...and NOT Eskimo. Which is unfortunate, because this auger I have starts every dang time! On the first or second pull.

    The blades look like this:

    160 x 160 - 2K
  • Sko, Strikemaster blades will fit your auger
  • I got my Barracuda turbocut blades sharpened at DA last year and they did a good job. I emailed back and forth with Eskimo waiting for the turbocut blades to come available this year and I bought a pair they day they showed in stock. They arrived in a couple days but stumper is right that the laser blades will fit too and can be found locally. I'll probably get the lazer blades next time but wanted to get an Eskimo set to see if they were different.
  • Buy the lazer blades! I did and my eskimo cuts faster than it did out of the box.
  • Thanks for the input guys. I will buy some Lazer blades now and bring the extra sets to DA for sharpening when I get around to it.

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